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Your driving with NUNAV


Nunav is easy to use and lets you focus on driving. No pop-ups, no ads, no clutter.

Save time

You travel less compared to users of any other cutting-edge traffic aware navigation system.


Your route is optimized every 15 seconds so it’s sensitive to even the smallest changes in traffic.


You're always driving around with the latest map version thanks to our cloud-based technology.

Commute wisely

Our Distributed Swarm Intelligence System ensures your hassle free commute. Spend more time on what you love!

Secure and Confidential

We do not gather, save or trade personal information.


Clean map with free text search, including points of interest. You can also select your destination manually.

Save time

See how many minutes you save on each route.

Share your ETA

Share your estimated time of arrival with your friends.

Ich bin von der Entwicklung von Graphmasters begeistert. Ein großer Schritt in die Mobilität der Zukunft und in eine besser funktionierende Welt!

Senior Advisory Partner Automotive, Ernst & Young

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