Plug & Work
„Exciting new business concepts and promising ideas, intelligent products, interesting research projects or innovative services were looked for implementation in the Hannover region”. This was the announcement of the business start-up and relocation competition „Plug & Work” of the business promotion company hannoverimpuls. Graphmasters is one of the selected companies which were awarded one year of rent-free office, work or laboratory space at selected industry-specific locations supporting the set up of the company in Hannover. From spring 2014 onwards, Graphmasters will establish a Research & Development center in Hannover.

CODE_n Contest
We managed to get into the Top 50 startups in the CODE_n contest and will as a price present our technology at the CeBIT 2014. Find us in the CODE_n area.

Pioneers Challenge
Graphmasters is one of the the Top 50 Startups of the Pioneers Challenge and will present at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna October 30th and 31st.

Graphmasters is one of the winners of the 2013 WECONOMY Award, granted from Wissensfabrik and Handelsblatt.

The German ministry of economy and technology awards startup companies with this award. Graphmasters was awarded with 6000€ price money.

Innovate 4 Society Award
Graphmasters won the 3rd place from the Innovate 4 Society Award by Microsoft.

Microsoft Imagine Cup Grants Winner
For the promising business idea, Graphmasters won the first place Microsoft Imagine Cup Grant and a prize of $100,000.

Coca Cola Environmental Sustainability Award
Because of its impact to the environment, Greenway won the environmental sustainability award at the Imagine Cup finals in Sydney

Imagine Cup 2012 World Final - Sydney, Australia
In Australia, we represented Germany and got into the top 20 teams.

Imagine Cup 2012 National Final - Berlin, Germany
After a long phase of continued work we participated in the Imagine Cup again, and won the national final in Berlin.

Imagine Cup 2009 World Final – Cairo, Egypt
Representing the United Kingdom in Egypt, we got into the top 12 teams from all over the world.

High-Performance Computing Award
Apart from winning the national finals, we also got the high-performance computing award for our solution.

Imagine Cup 2009 National Final – Cambridge, United Kingdom
Among 3000 competitors, our team won the UK national final and qualified for the international finals in Cairo.