No more traffic jams! That’s what we work for at Graphmasters. With our algorithm you’ll always find the fastest and shortest way.

Award winning routing software from Graphmasters

Graphmasters’ award winning routing engine – Microsoft Imagine Cup finalist, Australia – provides drivers with an unparalleled swarm intelligence and allows unprecedented traffic flow efficiency. Our dynamic routing software uses a collaborative routing algorithm to allocate an individual route to each vehicle. Using a real time road capacity and traffic model, we only allocate the number of vehicles to a given road segment it can hold, depending on its forecast capacity.

The Graphmasters routing engine provides routing models which are far more advanced than existing navigation systems. NUNAV is the only navigation system proactively avoiding traffic jams.


NUNAV is the only navigation app which optimizes your trip every 15 seconds, offering a perfect estimated time of arrival ETA.

Our NUNAV app is based on swarm intelligence providing every user with an optimal trip based on traffic data, travelling speed, actual and future road capacities and time of arrival. NUNAV provides intelligent traffic flow to people on the road using Graphmasters collaborative routing technology.

Using NUNAV, your trip is ideally allocated to a free road. Simply drive around traffic jams created by egoistic driving habits and get to know more routes to your final destination.

Nunav Bus

NUNAV Bus is based on our award winning NUNAV cloud technology, optimising your buses & 7.5t truck routes every 15 seconds, for your best estimated time of arrival. Our NUNAV technology is based on an intelligent swarm algorithm, saving you time on every trip and actively preventing traffic jams.

NUNAV Bus routes you directly to the trade fair grounds of Hannover Messe AG, taking into consideration traffic regulations from the Traffic Agency of Lower Saxony/Region of Hanover up to your free parking lot. See also: Anreise zur AgriTechnica 12 – 18.11.2017.

Nunav Courier

NUNAV Courier integrates Graphmasters award winning NUNAV technology in a vehicle routing problem solver for multi-stop destinations, used by courier, express and parcel logistics companies. Our dynamic routing optimizer optimizes delivery in the logistics sector and provides a dynamic tour allocation in an industry that is confronted with the traveling salesmen problem.NUNAV Courier is fast, easy to use, reliable and based on our proprietary swarm intelligence technology. Take a closer look at how Hermes Logistics Group puts NUNAV Courier into action and weekly saves CO2 equivalent to a trip to the moon.

Use NUNAV Courier in your daily delivery.

Welcome to the world of Graphmasters

  • 2014 Cebit-Startup-Wettbewerb CODE_n14
  • 2014 Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence Programs in Europe
  • 2013 IKT Gründerwettbewerb
  • 2013 Weconomy 2013
  • 2012 Winner of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals – Australia
  • 2009 Winner of the Microsoft Imagine Cup – UK

Jobs at Graphmasters

Graphmasters is the first provider of collaborative navigation systems. We use our NUNAV technology to dynamically optimise delivery routes for professional courier services, serving some of the biggest courier providers in Europe. Our smart city solutions save thousands of wasted hours spent in traffic by optimising traffic flow and guide people to their favourite events using our navigation system NUNAV.
The digital transformation processes our routing-software and traveling salesman problem solver initiate are managed by agile service teams in Hannover, Cambridge and Lausanne.

Currently, we are looking for :
junior software engineers
experienced software engineers
UI/UX designers
Data Scientists & Mathematical Modellers
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Zitat Peter Fuss

“I’m impressed by the progress of Graphmasters. This navigation system is a large step towards the future of mobility and a better world.”

Peter Fuss - Senior Advisory Partner Automotive, Ernst & Young

Zitat Nikolai Föll

“After implementing NUNAV Courier we saw a 30 – 50% time saving with substitute drives and in training new drivers we gained 60 – 70% in time.”

Nikolai Föll - Courier service provider for Hermes in Bielefeld, Germany.


Graphmasters NUNAV platform offers the first collaborative routing platform for navigation systems. NUNAV distributes traffic optimally on a given road infrastructure, maximizes traffic flow and fulfils needed conditions for autonomous driving vehicles. With NUNAV Navigation, NUNAV Bus and NUNAV Courier challenges for specific user groups are solved. The goal of Graphmasters is to avoid traffic jams for a better world.

Hermes introduces intelligent route planning
Graphmasters digitizes the HAJ Hannover Marathon 2018

Graphmasters provides dynamic parking access and departure for buses and cars to AgriTechnica 2017
Navigation-App NUNAV reduces access traffic jams for AGRITECHNICA 2017


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